Sunday, 27 September 2015

If Speaking For A Living Is Your Calling... Then We Can Help You

We are raising men and women who, when they open their mouths to SPEAK, move the whole world to stand up on its feet, DAZED, AMAZED and with A LOUD OVATION.
Yet all that is required is just a MOUTH and the ABILITY TO JUST TALK.
We take this ABILITY TO JUST TALK and refine it into an ABILITY TO MASTERFULLY TALK.
We can do the same for YOU too, if you like.
Our main objective is to provide you with the tools, skills and opportunities necessary to becoming A POWERFUL TALKER, speaker, coach, conversationalist, presenter, facilitator and trainer. We will provide you with the information and training you need to tap into the many opportunities that exist in THE TALK BUSINESS.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Learn How To Speak In Public. Acquire Effective Oratory Skills


Becoming A Highly Sought-After Motivational Speaker

Learn how to tap into your innate gift of the gab to create simple winning strategies to motivating and inspiring others + creative public speaking and audience management skills + how to start up and tap into the $11 Billion Motivational Speaking industry.

Lesson 1: Confronting Your Fears
Lesson 2: Characteristics of Effective Communication
Lesson 3: Knowing Your Audience
Lesson 4: Choosing the Topic and Structure of a Speech
Lesson 5: Persuasive and Motivational Speech Principles
Lesson 6: Developing Your Style
Lesson 7: Outlining and Organizing Your Speech
Lesson 8: Writing Your Speech: The Opener
Lesson 9: Writing Your Speech: The Body and Conclusion
Lesson 10: Speaking to Entertain an Audience
Lesson 11: How and When to Use Visual Aids
Lesson 12: Controlling Your Voice
Lesson 13: Rehearsing Your Speech
Lesson 14: Body Language and International Customs
Lesson 15: Making Your Best Delivery Even When Problems Arise



1. Pay N40,000 into the following account:
Bank: ACCESS Bank
Account Name: MacHenry Churchill
Account Number: 0042803966

2. Call 0803553339108085784569

Group Training is available for N100,000 (not exceeding 5 people)

Improving the Creative Communication Skills of Corporate Executives

The goal of this program is to help equip your managers, team leads, salesmen/marketers, frontline executives and brand ambassadors with the competence they require to be effective in relating with and building the key relationships that determine the success of your organization in the marketplace. The assertiveness, eloquence, empathy, persuasion and audience engagement strategies necessary for effective communication with colleagues, key clients, partners and all stakeholders are covered in the courses in this program as seen below:

1.    Public Speaking for CEOs – N105,000

2.    Public Speaking for Marketing Executives/Salesmen – ­  N65,000

3.    Public Speaking For Front Desk Staff – N65,000

4.    Public Speaking for Managers and Team Leads – N85,000

5.    Effective Training Skills for In-House Trainers – N85,000

6.    Effective Presentation Skills for Department Heads – N85,000

7.    Transformational Speaking 101 – N65,000

8.    Overcoming The Fear of Speaking In Public – N55,000

9.    Developing Your Conversational Skills – N55,000

10. Creative Audience Engagement Strategies for Managers – N75,000

To book Delegates for any of the above Courses, please call 08148952100